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With good clothing and perfect walking shoes you have the basics for a real outdoor holiday. But there's more than that! During your journey of discovery through nature you need much more. Whatever kind of trip you have ahead of you, we are happy to help you with the right travel essentials. You need good quality items for backpacking, wild camping or making intensive trekking trips. Our wide range of travel items provides everything you need.

Feel free to visit our store. Not only do we enjoy helping you find the right articles, we are also curious about your story and experiences. Because that's what we do it for!

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Outdoor cutlery 

In addition to plates and pans, outdoor cutlery is also an important part of your travel tableware. That is why we offer you various options, from a three-piece set to a spoon, fork and knife in one. What they all have in common is that they are made to travel with. They are lightweight, as small as possible and easy to carry.

Some of the brands in our range are CRKT , Munkees and Sea to Summit .

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Outdoor cutlery is an ideal part of the travel tableware. We sell different types of outdoor cutlery. For example, we sell a fork, knife and spoon in one, lightweight and 'foldable' cutlery.