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Hiking accessories

Do you always love to go for a walk? Find here the most beautiful hiking accessories for the most beautiful hiking tours! In our range we sell different types of products, including gaiters and hiking socks . Well-known brands from our range are, for example, Rohner and Pedag .

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  • Your feet sometimes have a hard time... Outdoor socks are a party for your feet! Thanks to the different properties, the hiking socks have an extremely high comfort. Take a quick look!

  • Gaiters or Gamaschen

    Just like shoes, gaiters come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. But you can read below what you can best use when.

    A Gaiter (or a Gamasch) is a rubber protective cover for your shoes and lower legs. Some Gaiters go completely around the shoe and protect the lower leg up to the back of the knee. Other Gaiters only protect the top of the shoe and only come to the ankles.

    The best kind of Gaiter to buy depends on the activity you want to do with it.


    For cycling it is not necessary to have full protection up to the back of your knees, so a gaiter such as the Vaude Bike Gaiter is very suitable for this type of activity.

    A biker gaiter often has the following characteristics:

    • Easy and quick closure
    • Reflective Elements
    • Lightweight
    • Water repellent

    To walk

    If you really go for a walk, it is wise to buy gaiters with a higher shaft, for example up to the back of your knees. Take the Trekmates Gaiter Rannoch Dry for example, this gaiter comes to the top of the calf and is water and windproof. The gaiter is made of special Dry materials, so that the gaiter is completely waterproof and windproof. The gaiter ensures that no water or wind enters through the shaft of the shoe.

    A suitable gaiter for walking often includes the following features:

    • Sturdy closure
    • Wind and waterproof
    • Adjustable top closure
    • Breathable

  • Insoles

    The sole of a shoe is very important for walking comfort, which is why we offer a variety of replacement and insoles.

    Replacement soles

    If you have been using your shoes for some time, it may well be that the soles in the shoes are worn out. That is why we offer replacement soles from, for example, Hanwag (the Hanwag soles can also be used with, for example, Lowa shoes).


    Padding soles are suitable for shoes that are just a little too wide. By means of a filling sole you can make your shoes fit again. The insoles are available in different sizes.


    Insoles are often soles that increase walking comfort, such as woolen Pedag Lammy soles. These types of soles keep your feet extra warm during cold activities.

    Other insoles are specially made for people with a high instep or a low instep. In such a case, the soles provide support where you need it, and prevent pressure points.

  • Do you like walking? These hiking accessories make your hiking trips even more fun! With these pedometers you know exactly how many steps you have taken. In addition, you can often read other things as well. For example, the calorie consumption or the distance you have traveled!

  • With walking lights you are always clearly visible on the road. This is of course very important! With your running lights you can also go for a good walk in the dark without any worries.

  • We sell the most beautiful shoelaces. We sell these laces from brands such as Barth laces , Hanwag and Salomon .

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