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  • Pedag Gel-Antislip
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    Pedag Gel-Anti-slip

    The Pedag Gel-Antislip is a gel sole for the heel. Provides hold and is gentle on the skin. Transparent, self-adhesive and hand washable.

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  • Pedag Stop Antislip
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    Pedag Stop Anti-slip

    The Pedag Stop Anti-Slip is made for the heel of the shoe, against slipping.

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  • Sidas Gel Heel Strips neutral
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    Sidas Gel Heel Strips Neutral (1 pair) -...

    The Gel Heel Strips from Sidas prevent your feet from sliding in your shoes, so the strips also prevent swelling and blisters.

    • neutral
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  • Solos 10214 Anti-Slip One Size
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    Solos 10214 Anti-Slip One Size

    The Solos 10214 Anti-Slip One Size is a gray self-adhesive anti-slip strip. The strip is made of suede. The width is 10 cm, height is 0.5 cm and it has a weight of 100 grams.

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