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  • Pedag Gel-Antislip
    $7.49 In Stock

    Pedag Gel-Anti-slip

    The Pedag Gel-Antislip is a gel sole for the heel. Provides hold and is gentle on the skin. Transparent, self-adhesive and hand washable.

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  • Pedag Safe Step
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    Pedag Safe Step - Black

    The Pedag Safe Step offers safety while walking on slippery surfaces and protects the bottom of your shoes. The Safe Step is invisible while walking and can be cut to size.

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  • Pedag Stop Antislip
    $4.26 In Stock

    Pedag Stop Anti-slip

    The Pedag Stop Anti-Slip is made for the heel of the shoe, against slipping.

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  • Sidas Gel Heel Strips neutral
    $6.41 In Stock

    Sidas Gel Heel Strips Neutral (1 pair) -...

    The Gel Heel Strips from Sidas prevent your feet from sliding in your shoes, so the strips also prevent swelling and blisters.

    • neutral
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  • Solos 10214 Anti-Slip One Size
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    Solos 10214 Anti-Slip One Size

    The Solos 10214 Anti-Slip One Size is a gray self-adhesive anti-slip strip. The strip is made of suede. The width is 10 cm, height is 0.5 cm and it has a weight of 100 grams.

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