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Trolley Backpack

When you are going to make a longer trip by plane, for example, a trolley is ideal, you can store a lot of stuff in it thanks to the large zipper and you can easily take it with you thanks to the handle and wheels. The advantage of a trolley backpack is that you can also wear it as a backpack when, for example, the surface makes it impossible to pull the trolley over the ground.

In our range we have different types of trolleys. The trolleys are ideal for moving somewhat heavier contents. The trolleys can be worn as a backpack, but can also be rolled, which is very handy on the plane. Do you want to use a trolley backpack as hand luggage on the plane? Then check the permitted dimensions, so that your beautiful trolley can be taken along. Do you have any further questions? Mail, call or chat with us! We are available for all your questions!

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