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Clothing should fit well and be comfortable. That's what we specialize in. Take a look around our website. We are also happy to help you choose the best clothing for you in our store!

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Women's outdoor clothing

We sell various types of women's outdoor clothing. From warm underwear to outdoor jackets. The brands in our range are specialized in making outdoor clothing, such as: Icebreaker , Fjällräven , Jack Wolfskin , The North Face and Vaude .

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  • Ladies use outdoor sweaters, fleeces and cardigans as a layer

    Women's outdoor sweaters, fleeces and cardigans are very useful, because they can be used as a mid or top layer. This way you are prepared for various temperatures.
    The Carve Warm vest from Odlo, for example, is ideal as an insulating intermediate layer, but can also be used as a top layer when it is warmer. The Aconcagua ML Jacket from Mammut is also ideal as both a mid and top layer.

  • Women's outdoor jackets for every activity

    Not every outdoor jacket is equally suitable for every activity. Whether a jacket is suitable for something or not depends entirely on the properties of the jacket. A breathable jacket is ideal for strenuous activities and a quick-drying jacket is ideal for warm weather conditions. Mammut's Silvretta Jacket , for example, is very suitable for use in combination with heavy packs, while the Omnius Light Jacket is very suitable for running.
    A number of women's outdoor jackets are also seasonally specific. For example, the Selenium ladies jacket from Jack Wolfskin is a real winter jacket.

  • Women's outdoor tops, the benefits

    Women's outdoor tops are ideal to wear during your outdoor activities! The shirts and blouses have different features that make your outdoor adventures even more comfortable! For example, the ladies outdoor tops are insect repellent or cooling!

    Are you going hiking or taking a bike ride? Then take a look at a shirt like Gleann . It is UV resistant and dries quickly. In winter conditions, a shirt like the Turtle Neck Warm is very suitable. It keeps warm well.

  • Why women's thermal (underwear)?

    In winter it can be quite cold. (Thermo) underwear can therefore come in handy. It provides an insulating layer around the body and keeps you warm during all your outdoor activities.

    Women's underwear is made of high-quality material and is light, breathable and odor resistant. Underwear is made of polyester, polyamide and/or merino wool and ensures that your body stays warm during hiking, winter sports, traveling or in your daily life.

    The advantages of (thermal) underwear:

    • comfortable

    • qualitatively

    • light

    • breathable

    • odor resistant

    Do you want to determine what kind of underwear you need? Then watch this video.

  • Women's outdoor pants for every activity

    When hiking (or any other activity) it is important to wear good outdoor pants. What makes a pair of trousers suitable for a certain activity is often in the properties. Winter trousers like the Chilly Track XT are specially made for cold and wet winter weather. For example, the pants are water resistant and have a warm fleece lining. But zip-off trousers like the Farley Stretch Zip-Off are very suitable for the summer, thanks to the zip-off legs.

  • Outdoor skirt, the benefits

    Outdoor skirts?! Yes, outdoor skirts also exist! The skirts and culottes (skort) have all kinds of useful features that make them suitable for adventures in nature! They are UV-protective, quick-drying, breathable and wrinkle-resistant. Of course, the skirts are not only suitable for outdoor activities. The skirts are also just suitable for everyday use

  • Stylish in an outdoor dress

    You can also wear a dress during your adventure in nature. Our outdoor dresses are ideal! For example, they are UV-protective or extra breathable. Get out into nature in style and comfort!

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Features women's outdoor clothing

Women's outdoor clothing has various features that make your walk a lot more pleasant. We are happy to explain these properties to you.

'Breathability': the breathability of a garment has everything to do with air circulation. Well-breathing garments transport sweat, so that you cool down less quickly after exercise. A must when exercising an intensive activity.

'Anti-insect' : a piece of clothing can be insect-resistant in various ways. One garment is impregnated with insect repellent fabrics and the other garment is woven so tightly that mosquitoes cannot get through. A brand with different anti-insect clothing is Life-Line .

'Odor-resistant' : Of course there is no such thing as completely odor-resistant clothing, but clothing that neutralizes odors for some time does. Odor-resistant clothing is often impregnated with antibacterial substances, which in particular neutralize perspiration odours.

'Lightweight' : These garments are made of light materials and make your activity a lot more pleasant. Lightweight clothing is also very pleasant when travelling, especially when you go hiking and you want to keep your backpack as light as possible.

'Quick-drying' : quick-drying clothing is of course not only useful in bad weather conditions with rain. Especially in warm (or tropical) weather conditions, quick-drying clothing is a must, due to perspiration and humidity. In addition, it is also ideal while hiking, because after washing the clothing dries quickly.

'UV protection' : good protection of your skin against UV radiation is very important. Especially in sunny conditions. Just like sunscreen, UV protective clothing helps with this. The additional advantage of UV protective clothing is that it does not lose its effect, while sunscreen must be reapplied every so often.

UV protective clothing is often made of materials such as cotton, nylon or polyester. These materials are naturally UV-resistant and this property is enhanced when tightly woven.