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Clothing must fit well. Not too tight or loose and fits just right on the waist, chest, hips and legs.
We specialize in that! We are happy to help you in our store in choosing the best clothing for you!

Take a look around our website and if you have any questions or comments or would you like to come by, you are very welcome!

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Women's outdoor clothing

Below you will find our range of women's outdoor clothing. We offer clothing for almost every outdoor activity, and all kinds of layering options. Below you can find various tabs to help you specify what you're looking for.

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  • Women's outdoor tops are ideal to wear during your outdoor activities! The shirts in our range are often especially made for the outdoors. They have specific features to make your outdoor adventures even more fun! The women's outdoor tops are, for example, insect-resistant or cooling!

  • Undergarments are an important part of any (outdoor) outfit. It does not only provide warmth but also the correct drainage of moisture. (Thermo)Underwear is made of good quality material (like Merino wool) and is lightweight, breathable and odor resistant.

    Undergarments are made of polyester, polyamide and/or merino wool and ensure that your body stays warm during hiking, winter sports, travel or in your daily life.

  • Outdoor skirts?! Yes, outdoor skirts also exist! Thanks to the different specifications of the skirts and culottes, they are very suitable for adventures in nature!

  • Do you like to wear dresses, but do you also like to go on an adventure in nature? Our outdoor dresses are ideal! For example, these dresses are UV-protective or extra breathable. Everything to make your outdoor activities as comfortable as possible!

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Women's Outdoor Clothing

Women's outdoor clothing often has various features that make your walk a lot more pleasant. In order to get a clear picture of what a certain feature actually adds, we would like to work out some of those features for you below.

'Breathable' : The breathability of a garment has everything to do with air circulation. Highly breathable garments wick away sweat, so you don't cool down as quickly after exercise. It is therefore important that your clothing has this property during an intensive activity.

'Anti-insect' : The way in which a product protects againts insects differs per product. One garment is impregnated with anti-insect fabrics, while the other garment is woven so tightly that mosquitoes cannot get through. A brand with various anti-insect clothing is Life-Line .

'Odor-resistant' : Fully odor-resistant clothing does not exist. What does exist ist clothing that neutralizes odor for some time. Odor-resistant clothing is often impregnated with anti-bacterial substances, these substances mainly neutralize perspiration odors for some time.

'Lightweight' : Lightweight garments are made of lightweight materials and make your walk (or other activity) a lot more pleasant. Lightweight clothing is also very pleasant when traveling, especially when you go hiking and you want to keep your backpack as light as possible.

'Quick-drying' : Quick-drying clothing is of course not only useful in bad weather conditions with rain, fast-drying clothing is a must in warm weather conditions. Quick-drying clothes come in handy in warm (or tropical) conditions associated with perspiration and humidity. In addition, it is also ideal when hiking, after washing the clothes are quickly dry again.

'UV protection' : when you go for a walk in sunny conditions, it is important that you protect your skin against harmful UV radiation. You can of course do this by means of sunscreen, but UV-protective clothing will also suffice. The advantage of UV-protective clothing is that it does not lose its effect, for example sunscreen has to be reapplied every so often.
UV-protective clothing is often made of materials such as cotton, nylon or polyester. These materials are naturally UV-resistant and when tightly woven this property is enhanced.

The brands in our range are specialized in making outdoor clothing, some of these brands are: Fjällräven , Jack Wolfskin , The North Face and Vaude .