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Buff anti insect and UV protection

The Buff anti-insect and UV protection are ideal for summer climates. These Buffs have a cooling effect and make your trip in hot and tropical climates a lot more comfortable.

Buffs Insect Shield® technology is an effective and sustainable solution to repel insects. A 'permethrin' treatment on the fabric makes it possible to effectively repel insects. The UV-Buffs protect you against harmful UV rays from the sun, which makes these Buffs ideal for the summer. But in addition to summer weather, they are of course also suitable for winter sports, for example, during these times of the year the radiation of the sun is very strong and it is therefore important that you are well protected when you go out.

These Buffs are made from Buffs own Coolnet UV+ material, this is a microfiber material consisting of 95% recycled polyester, so these Buffs are also sustainably produced.

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The Buff anti-insect and UV protection are especially suitable for summer climates.