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There are two main types of down used for filling sleeping bags, duck and goose down. Duck down consists of smaller feathers, which means that more is needed to fill the sleeping bag and that the insulation value is slightly lower. Goose down consists of larger feathers, so less is needed and the insulation value is higher than that of duck down.
A disadvantage of down in general is that it cannot withstand water and moisture, because it dries very slowly and starts to bunch up. Fortunately, the manufacturers take this into account by weaving the outer cover of the sleeping bag more tightly, which prevents the down from getting wet quickly and also prevents the down from coming out through the fabric. Many of the down sleeping bags are at least water repellent, which means that the sleeping bag repels water to some extent, but cannot withstand large amounts of water over a long period of time. In our range we have different sleeping bags with down, such as some sleeping bags from Deuter and Lowland .

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Down in your sleeping bags? Down is a delicious filling. Take a quick look!