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The Antilope

Did you know? An antilope (the word for Antelope in dutch) is not an animal. It is a collective name for all hollow-horned animals that are not called cattle, goats or sheep. And that is no less than 91 species, which are spread all over the world and in some cases include species that do not actually belong to it.

Versatile, elegant, fast and in most cases with a great cuddly factor. The most antelope’s travel hundreds of miles each year through harsh conditions in search of environments where new life can be born. High-altitude springbok, riverbuck in swampy environments, forest antelope in forested environments, and the Saiga in extremely cold regions. They are found on all continents except Antarctica and Australia.

That’s why Antilope Outdoor

That is why we are called Antilope Outdoor. We would like to include all aspects of the antelope in nature (outdoor), in our business operations. The Antelope, symbol of our passion to offer you a better outdoor experience. So that you too can enjoy your favorite outdoor activity in any desired area!

Our store in Alblasserdam

You will find our store in Alblasserdam. Alblasserdam is located on the banks of the busy river De Noord. In 1494 Alblasserdam was mentioned for the first time, the name being derived from the river Alblas that meanders through the settlement and the dam that separated this river from the much larger river De Noord.

During the Second World War, Alblasserdam was badly hit by a German bombardment. Much of the old heart of the village has been swept away. The Cortgene and the Kerkstraat as an extension of this are from before the war and are located diagonally at the center of the village. Antilope Outdoor is located on the Cortgene in one of the oldest buildings in the village: Huis Rijkee and the carriage house.

The people behind Antilope OutdoorTeam Antelope Outdoor

At Antilope outdoor you can find your complete cyclinghiking and lightweight equipment! Would you like to take a tour along the windmills in Kinderdijk, or do you think about hiking through the Himalayas. Do you like to go on foot or is the bicycle your best travel companion, with us you will find everything that makes being outside really enjoyable.

We love cycling and walking ourselves and we spend our most beautiful holidays on a bicycle with four bags, lightweight equipment and a beautiful map. Nice and simple and so free! Every day we try to translate our enthusiasm into a range of beautiful, functional outdoor products in our store. While trekking, you meet people with a story every day, those stories and experiences bring our store to life. Do you have fun, exciting or radical travel experiences, come and share them with us! We are located along the A15, in the middle of the Drechtsteden, free parking in front of the door is no problem!

Your walk starts at our store

A junction route runs in front of the shop, which leads through the rest of the old part of the village in the direction of the Kinderdijk windmills. Our shop is a nice starting point for a tour past the mills, which are only 5 km away. But there are many more nice villages and places in the area that are definitely worth visiting. Half a kilometer away is the jetty for the water bus in the direction of Dordrecht and Kinderdijk. Dordrecht has a beautiful city center and, not to forget, nature reserve De Hollandse Biesbosch. Towards the other way is Rotterdam (20 km) and beyond Kinderdijk you will find a vast polder with donken, old farms, orchards, ancient villages, (unpaved) tithing roads and a variety of cattle and birds!

Antelope Outdoor the shop

Kind regards and see you soon!

Lida & Evert