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An outdoor outfit should fit well and be comfortable. That's what we specialize in. Take a look around our website. We are also happy to help you choose the best clothing for you in our store!

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Outdoor clothing accessories

Do you like to go on an outdoor adventure? Good outdoor clothing accessories are then essential. Find here all our outdoor accessories that will make your adventures even more fun!

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  • Cool down

    We have different Cooldown caps from the Hatland brand. A Cooldown cap not only protects you against UV radiation, but also keeps you cool. This is done by means of a quick drying system, light materials and an extra removable band along the inner lining. The purpose of this removable band is that it is moistened in cold water, the cool water cools your head in this way.

    These types of caps are very suitable for walks and other activities in a warm environment.

    Anti Insect

    Anti-Insect caps are perfect for walks through forests and other warm climates. The cap keeps insects away from your head by means of an odor that is only perceptible to insects. The impregnating agent has no tangible effect on the material and does not affect the breathability of the cap, so you retain the same comfort.

    Waxed/Oiled caps

    Waxed or Oiled caps are treated with wax or oil, both have the property that they are greasy materials. The grease in these two materials ensures that the fabric of the cap becomes denser and therefore water-repellent. The only disadvantage of an Oiled or Waxed cap is that when the fabric is made denser, some of the breathability is also lost.
    Please note, a Waxed or Oiled cap is not waterproof, but only water-repellent. This means that the cap will hold back water for some time, but that the cap is not suitable for use in prolonged hard rain or snow.

    These caps are very suitable for autumn and winter walks, or just walks in a colder / wet environment. The caps are therefore often lined with a warmer lining. An example of this is the Hatland Timberwax Cap .

    In our range you will find different caps, suitable for different seasons and activities. In general, a cap is not necessarily seasonal, but some of the caps have properties that make them more suitable for summer or winter, for example. For example, the caps of the Buff brand are more suitable for summer activities, many of their caps protect against UV radiation and have cooling properties. The Hatland brand, on the other hand, has various caps that are extremely suitable for winter weather, such as rain, wind, snow and low temperatures.

    Some of the brands in our range are Buff , Fjallraven and Hatland .

  • Hats

    In our range we offer different types of hats, including sun hats, stylish leather hats and various straw hats.

    Sun hats

    We have included different types of sun hats in our range, but what they all have in common is that they keep your head cool and block UV radiation. The materials of the hats are often quick-drying, so that you can keep a cool and dry head in the summer.

    The basic materials of the hats differ, we have cotton hats, but also a large number of leather/suede hats. Leather hats are slightly warmer, but very stylish and, like the other hats, block UV radiation. Another advantage of these hats is that they are actually suitable for every season.

  • Outdoor hats are the ideal accessory during cold days! This way you are less likely to suffer from cold ears and a cold head.

  • Warm and stylish with a scarf

    A scarf not only provides extra warmth, but also keeps wind and cold off your neck. They are therefore suitable for various weather conditions. That is why we offer various outdoor scarves in our range that keep you warm as well as protect you against rain and cold.

  • The characteristics of outdoor gloves

    Outdoor gloves are a very important part of your equipment, especially if you are in a cold environment/climate. Gloves keep your hands warm so you don't suffer from stiff hands. Curious about the most important features of outdoor gloves? We explain them.

    Wind stopper

    Some gloves have the Windstopper feature. This feature ensures that all cold and cutting winds are stopped, so that your hands stay extra warm.

    Gloves with a Windstopper feature often have a double fleece layer to achieve windproofness. But this absolutely does not mean that the gloves are not breathable. An example of a Windstopper glove is the Leki Hiker Pro MF Touch .

    Gore Tex

    Gore-Tex gloves are not only super warm, but also water and windproof. Yet the glove is also very breathable and has a high level of comfort. These types of gloves are very suitable for skiing and other cold / wet conditions and climates. An example of this is the Trekmates Chamonix GTX .

    Touch Screen Compatible

    Many of the gloves we offer will still allow you to use your touchscreens. This is made possible by a small amount of Silver Coating in the fingertip of the glove. The Silver Coating has the same properties as human skin and therefore also works on touchscreens. An example is the Vaude Tinshan glove .

    Additional grip

    In some situations it is useful if you have more grip. For example, to properly hold your hiking poles or ski poles. That is why we offer different gloves with just that little bit more grip on the palms of the glove. An extra layer of silicone on the outside gives you more grip. Like the Leki Apic GTX Lady glove.

    Some of the brands in our range are Hestra , Trekmates and Vaude .

  • The headband, a good alternative

    While running or doing any other activity, a beanie is sometimes quite warm on your head, which is why we also offer different headbands. In principle, a headband provides you with the same comforts as a hat, but because of the opening on top of your head you will sweat less quickly. This main accessory is therefore also suitable for sports!

  • We have a wide range of belts and suspenders. A belt or suspender ensures the perfect fit of different garments.

  • Clothes care product

    To be able to use a garment for as long as possible, it is important to maintain it and wash it with the right products. That is why we also offer maintenance products to maintain the durability of your product. You can read here how to care for your clothes step by step.


    With waterproof clothing (such as the G-1000 products from Fjällräven ) it is important that you keep track of the water resistance. You can do this by waxing the product with, for example , Greenland Wax , if you rub this wax in and then melt it, you optimize the water resistance of your garment.

    Performance Spray

    In principle, Performance Spray has the same effect as wax, it restores the water-repellent capacity of your product. By spraying the spray on your garment, the water-repellent layer is restored.


    Clothing with special features such as wind and water resistance, or, for example, a down lining, requires special detergents to maintain the quality of the features. That is why we offer special detergents to keep your garments in optimal condition. Think, for example, of detergents for raincoats or clothing with breathable fabrics.

  • Cold, or bothered by the sand, or bothered by the sun? The Buff scarves are ideal! The buffs protect and are very stylish.

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Outdoor clothing accessories, the addition to your outfit

You can complete your outdoor outfit with the outdoor clothing accessories. Now take a pair of waterproof gloves, you really can't miss them if you go for a winter walk. We also sell hats, buffs, hats, caps, scarves, belts, suspenders and much more. You will find the ideal outdoor accessories with us!