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You can't miss that, Jelle is happy to help you (just like the rest of our enthusiastic club!) in looking for the best equipment. If you can't find it online, chances are you will get Jelle on the phone. He knows (almost) everything about the best equipment that is necessary and useful during your trip in nature.

Challenge him or the rest of the team, email, call, app or drop by!

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During trekking and other intensive activities it is sometimes useful if you do not have to hold your lights constantly, which is why we also offer different headlamps. A headlamp has the advantage that you have your hands free to climb or hold other things, a disadvantage is that there are often slightly fewer lumens in a headlamp than in a flashlight.

The headlamps we carry are characterized by high quality and a pleasant way of working. The brands Homeij , Silva and Nathan we have included in our range.

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17 products
  • GATO Head Torch USB hoofdlamp
    $35.50 In Stock

    GATO Head Torch USB head torch - Grey

    The Gato Head Torch USB is a practical head torch that can last up to 15 hours on a full battery. The lamp has a range of 50 meters. The lamp also has a handy sensor that allows you to activate the lamp with a wave.

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  • Highlander Polaris 550 hoofdlamp
    $32.26 In Stock

    Highlander Polaris 550 head torch

    The Highlander Polaris 550 headlamp is an extremely bright headlamp, ideal for path or camping lighting.

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  • Highlander Wave 3W Cree Sensor hoofdlamp
    $26.88 In Stock

    Highlander Wave 3W Cree Sensor headlamp

    The Highlander Wave 3W Cree Sensor headlamp is an ideal headlamp for hikers and campers. The lamp is easy to switch on and off by moving your hand in front of the sensor.

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  • HighlanderAlcor hoofdlamp
    $16.11 In Stock

    HighlanderAlcor hoofdlamp

    The Highlander Alcor headlamp is an ideal headlamp for hikers and campers. The lamp has five different functions and has a red and a white light.

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  • Homeij Hazel 400 lm hoofdlamp
    $45.19 In Stock

    Homeij Hazel 400 lm headlamp - Black

    Durable, robust and with various light functions: the Homeij Rechargeable headlamp. The LED flashlight is ideal for evening walks, working/digging in the dark and emergencies. Always ensure good visibility with the Homeij Rechargeable Hazel Headlamp.

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  • Homeij Matt 200 Lumen hoofdlamp
    $32.26 In Stock

    Homeij Matt 200 Lumen headlamp

    The Homeij Matt 200 lumen is your ideal partner for chores and evening walks. And thanks to the adjustable headband, it is suitable for everyone!

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  • Nextorch EcoStar hoofdlamp
    $18.26 In Stock

    Nextorch EcoStar headlamp - Black

    The Nextorch Eco Star is a three-way adjustable headlamp. It can burn for a maximum of 110 hours and has a maximum light intensity of 48 lumens. This headlamp also has an SOS mode.

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  • Nextorch UL10 Nichia hoofdlamp
    $16.11 In Stock

    Nextorch Nicha headlamp - Black

    The NEXTORCH® UL10 is a lightweight and compact hands-free lighting solution with 65 lumens brightness

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  • Nextorch Trekstar Hoofdlamp
    $34.42 In Stock

    Nextorch Trek Star Headlamp - Black

    The Nextorch Trek Star headlamp is a durable headlamp whose headband is adjustable and detachable. The lamp is waterproof and has 5 positions. It has a battery life of up to 98 hours and has a light intensity of 220 lumens and a range of up to 73 meters. Ideal for camping or during a night walk.

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  • Nextorch my Star Hoofdlamp CREE. Oplaadbare batterij, 760 lm
    $95.82 In Stock

    Nextorch my Star Headlamp CREE....

    The Nextorch my Star Headlamp CREE is a lightweight and very comfortable headlamp that allows you to see up to 184 meters in the dark. The headlamp has a battery life of 63 hours and an output of 550 lumens, so you can always count on this lamp.

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  • Nextorch mySTar R AA 600lm hoofdlamp
    $47.35 In Stock

    Nextorch mySTar R AA 600lm headlamp

    The Nextorch MyStar R AA is a lightweight headlamp. This very comfortable lamp of 600 lumens has a range of 180 meters. Furthermore, the headlamp has a battery life of 55 hours and uses AA batteries as power supply.

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  • Silva Explore 4 hoofdlamp
    $71.05 In Stock

    Silva Explore 4 head torch

    The Silva Explore 4 headlamp contains many burning hours. The lamp is also waterproof and has 3 LEDs.

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  • Silva Hoofdlamp Cross Trail 7XT
    $243.41 In Stock

    Silva Headlamp Cross Tail 7XT

    The Silva Cross Trial is the ideal headlamp for real outdoor enthusiasts. With its 600 lumens and a field of view of 140 meters, it is ideal for outdoor use. The lamp has a battery life of up to 16 hours. The lamp has different modes to have the right light for every challenge.

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  • Silva Hoofdlamp LR 600RC
    $161.54 In Stock

    Silva Headlamp Led 600lm

    The Silva Headlamp is ideal for the doer and worker in the dark. Thanks to the hem attachment that is included, it is ideal to attach to your helmet. The lamp with its 600 lumens is also a light in the darkness.

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  • Silva Hoofdlamp Trail Runner Free H 400lm
    $147.53 In Stock

    Silva Headlamp Trail Runner 400lm - Black

    The Silva Trail runner is optimized for anyone who enjoys running. Thanks to the advanced Silva technology, it is perfectly balanced and has smooth adjustments. The lamp has a strength of 400 lumens, making it ideal for use in the dark.

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  • Silva Hoofdlamp Trail Speed 5R, 1200lm
    $231.56 In Stock

    Silva Headlamp Trail Speed 5R, 1200lm - Black

    The Silva Trail Speed 5R is the ideal headlamp from Silva. This lamp is equipped with a lightweight battery with a capacity of no less than 2.0 Ah. The R stands for Run, making this the ideal headlamp for running. The battery and lamp together weigh only 178 grams.

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  • Silva Hoofdlamp Exceed 4XT, 2200lm
    $473.95 In Stock

    Silva Hoofdlamp Exceed 4XT, 22200lm - Black

    The Silva Exceed 4XT is the most powerful lamp Silva has produced. With its 2000 lumens and boost mode of 2300 lumens you can see in the dark just as well as in the light. The lamp also has a battery life of up to 16 hours. In short, the lamp is ideal for your adventures in the dark.

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Sometimes it is very useful if you do not have to constantly hold your lights. We therefore also offer headlamps! This way you can see something in the dark and you have your hands free.