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Pedometers are not only nice to have around, but they also give a purpose to walking. With these good walking accessories you can keep track of how many steps you take, how far you have walked and much more. In short, a pedometer gives you an idea of your own movement per day.

A pedometer can have the following functions:


Of course, this is the basic function of any pedometer. The device measures your steps by means of a regular movement. "What's the use of knowing how many steps I'm taking?" you may wonder. The answer to this question is that tracking steps motivates you to take more steps. In addition, a certain number of steps may be required with a diet. A pedometer is also suitable for running


It's always nice to know how far you've walked, and you can keep track of this by using a distance meter. And you can calculate your average speed with the measured distance and the measured number of steps.

Calorie consumption

To know how many calories you consume is always interesting. It gives you a good picture of your daily movement and can help you lose weight.


A timer is useful to see at a glance how long you have walked. But it can also be interesting to see how long it takes you to cover a certain distance.

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Do you like to walk? These hiking accessories make your hiking trips even more fun! With these pedometers you know exactly how many steps you have taken. In addition, you can often also read other things. For example, the calorie consumption or the distance you have covered!