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You can't miss that, Jelle is happy to help you (just like the rest of our enthusiastic club!) in looking for the best equipment. If you can't find it online, chances are you will get Jelle on the phone. He knows (almost) everything about the best equipment that is necessary and useful during your trip in nature.

Challenge him or the rest of the team, email, call, app or drop by!

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A compass is ideal when navigating with a map or GPS. Whether you are looking for an ordinary compass or you are looking for a more specific compass, we have something for everyone. For example, Silva's mirror bearing compass , which helps you to map out your way as accurately as possible on the map. Discover all our outdoor navigation!

The brands in our range are Homeij , Munkees and Silva .

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A compass is a handy outdoor navigation! This way you will lose your way less quickly and you will know in which direction to walk.