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$ 2 $ 313
Bottle content (ml)
300 470
Weight (grams)
10 2590
Number of functions
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Color (basic)
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Number of hours cold
4 24
Numbers of hours warm
1,5 0 1,5 20
Bottle insulated?
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0 L 2300 L
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Find all travel articles here! When you travel there are many things to take with you, including travel crockery, outdoor cutlery and camping items. Are you looking for good outdoor meals? You can find it here! You can also go here for outdoor cooking equipment. Take a quick look!

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  • Outdoor cutlery is an ideal part of the travel tableware. We sell different types of outdoor cutlery. For example, we sell a fork, knife and spoon in one, lightweight and 'foldable' cutlery.

  • Camping gear for every trip

    A sleeping bag is indispensable at night. And our camping lantern is also useful if you have to visit the toilet in the middle of the night. We also have ideal towels that are super compact and therefore take up little space.

    We mainly supply camping items from the Sea to Summit brand. The brand is known for its excellent quality. In addition to Sea to Summit, we also have Homeij. Also a very good quality brand.

    If you are planning to go camping, we recommend that you take a look at this page. Have fun camping!

  • Outdoor meals are ideal to take with you (and eat) during your outdoor adventures! The outdoor meals contain many good substances, so that your body can get a lot of energy from the meal. In addition to outdoor meals, we also sell a lot of outdoor food, such as bars, carbohydrate gel and sports drinks.

  • Are you going camping? Then this travel service is ideal! The camping tableware has various features to make your camping adventure even more relaxed.

  • Outdoor Cooking

    Nutrition is very important when you are on the go. And what is more pleasant after a long day of walking than a warm meal.

    Summer and winter gas

    As the name suggests, one type of gas is more suitable for the summer and the other more for the winter. Although it is of course mainly about the temperature under which the gas tanks are used. With 'normal' summer gas it can take a long time in winter for water to boil. In many cases, winter gas consists of a different 'mixture' of substances, which means that this is not the case.

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Are you going on a trip? Then our travel articles are ideal! You can prepare the most delicious meals with our outdoor cooking items. When you are on the road for a longer period of time, our outdoor meals are ideal. The meals are long lasting, easy to carry and easy to prepare! With our travel tableware and outdoor cutlery, eating becomes even easier ;) The travel tableware is often smaller and foldable. The outdoor cutlery is also specially made for travelling! In addition to all products related to cooking and eating, we also sell camping items! From sleeping bags to chairs, from care items to camping maintenance, we sell it all! Do you have questions about our range of travel articles? Send an email or message or visit our store!