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May we help you personally?

You can't miss that, Jelle is happy to help you (just like the rest of our enthusiastic club!) in looking for the best equipment. If you can't find it online, chances are you will get Jelle on the phone. He knows (almost) everything about the best equipment that is necessary and useful during your trip in nature.

Challenge him or the rest of the team, email, call, app or drop by!

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First Aid

It can happen to the best. Falling during a beautiful bike ride. Getting blisters from the long distances you walk through the beautiful mountain area. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Veluwe during your holiday, but a tick secretly nestles in your skin.

You have to treat these 'accidents' in the right way. Make sure you have the right first aid kit with you. Stick good plasters on your blisters and prevent further complaints. Pull the tick out carefully, without having to deal with nasty diseases.

These examples are just a selection from our range. View everything related to first aid here. With our first aid items you can safely go on the road, because with good care most cases are helped quickly!

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10 products
  • Tick-Out Tick Remover
    $4.26 In Stock

    CP® Tick-Out - tick remover

    With Care Plus Tick-Out tick remover, a tick can be removed easily and safely.

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  • CarePlus Blister Plasters Medium blarenpleisters
    $7.50 In Stock

    CarePlus Blister Plasters Medium blister...

    Sometimes you just can't prevent a blister, but it is very annoying once it is there. With these blister plasters you reduce the pain and pressure on the skin.

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  • CarePlus First Aid Roll Out - Light & Dry Medium
    $30.18 In Stock

    CarePlus First Aid Roll Out - Light & Dry...

    The Care Plus First Aid Kit Roll Out Light & Dry Medium is very suitable for on the go. It is possible to roll out the set and offers a nice overview.

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  • CarePlus Venimex- venom extractor
    $26.94 In Stock

    CarePlus Venimex Poison Extractor

    In case of a sting or bite from a wasp, bee, spider or scorpion, use this poisonous sucker. The Venimex from CarePlus ensures that the poison does not spread further and can be used at any age. This poisonous sucker always comes in handy, at home or when traveling.

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  • Emergency Blanket 160x213cm** Gold/Silver
    $4.73 In Stock

    Emergency Blanket 160x213cm** Gold/Silver

    The Care Plus® Emergency Blanket protects against cold or heat. This rescue blanket can be used in case of accidents, fire and severe weather.

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  • Care Plus First Aid Kit - Basic
    $17.92 In Stock

    First Aid Kit - Basic

    This first aid kit is a compact, handy set with a basic package of first aid materials. The compact nylon pouch can be attached to, for example, a belt or bicycle handlebars by means of Velcro.

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  • First Aid Kit - Compact
    $28.70 In Stock

    First Aid Kit - Compact

    This first aid box is a compact, practical and handy set with a basic package of first aid materials with which wounds can be treated and bandaged quickly.

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  • First Aid Kit - Family
    $47.88 In Stock

    First Aid Kit - Family

    This first aid set has been developed for the target group of families and families. Practice has shown that many of the accidents occur in an area around the house, on day trips by car or on longer vacations. This first aid kit contains children's, finger, blisters and knuckle plasters.

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  • Sidas Footcare kit V2 neutral
    $32.33 In Stock

    Sidas Footcare kit V2 neutral - neutral

    The Sidas Footcare kit V2 protects and cares for the feet from start to finish.

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Oh dear! An accident is in a small corner. With our first aid items you are always prepared!