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Rain? Fortunately, with our rainwear you can also go outside during a rain shower! Our rainwear protects you well. The clothing must fit well and be comfortable. That's what we specialize in. Take a look around our website. We are also happy to help you choose the best clothing for you in our store!

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Rain gear 

As a hiker you have to be prepared for anything, including a change in the weather. That is why we offer various types of rainwear that will keep you dry during a heavy rain shower.

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Rainwear for a dry walk

With our rainwear you can also go outside during a rain shower. The rainwear in our collection contains various features that allow you to continue your activity comfortably.

Breathable rainwear

It is very nice to have rainwear that is breathable. This ensures that you do not arrive at your destination sweaty after a heavy rain shower. The rainwear from Mac in a Sac is a good example of this. You can also easily take these with you, because they are small foldable.

Daily use

Have you seen the jackets for everyday use? These jackets look like an ordinary jacket, but have the added feature of protecting you from the rain. Like the jackets from the Happy Rainy Days brand.

Rain ponchos

In addition to raincoats, we also sell rain ponchos (or rain capes). These also offer good protection against the rain. An additional advantage is that they are spacious, giving you a very large room to move. An example of this is the Sea to Summit Rain Poncho , this poncho is made in such a way that it also fits over your backpack when worn.