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Clothing should fit well and be comfortable. That's what we specialize in. Take a look around our website. We are also happy to help you choose the best clothing for you in our store!

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Men's outdoor clothing

During your outdoor activity it is important that your clothing fits well. We sell various types of men's outdoor clothing, suitable for your favorite activity. The brands in our range are specialized in making outdoor clothing, some of these brands are: Fjällräven , Jack Wolfskin , The North Face and Vaude .

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  • Men's outdoor shirt for any activity

    An outdoor shirt or shirt always comes in handy, because they are often suitable for both outdoor activities and daily use. Many of the men's outdoor shirts are adapted to intensive activities. For example, they have a cooling effect or are insect repellent. A shirt like the Oasis Crew is very suitable for hiking or cycling trips, because the shirt breathes well and dries quickly. But a shirt like the Odlo Crew Neck is very suitable for activities in winter conditions, because the shirt keeps you warm. Most shirts are also suitable as sports shirts!

  • Why men's outdoor sweaters, fleeces and cardigans?

    The useful thing about outdoor sweaters, fleeces and cardigans is that they are suitable as both a mid layer and a top layer. For example, the Finley Jacket from Jack Wolfskin is ideal as an insulating intermediate layer, but can also be used as a top layer when it is warmer. Another example of this is the Sierra Zip from Odlo, which is both an ideal mid layer and top layer. A fleece jacket like Shadow Full Zip from The North Face can be used for various activities and circumstances.

  • Why men's (thermal) underwear?

    When it gets colder, (thermal) undergarments can come in handy. It provides an insulating layer around the body and keeps you warm during all your outdoor activities.

    Men's underwear is made of high-quality material and is light, breathable and odor resistant. Underwear is made of polyester, polyamide and/or merino wool and ensures that your body stays warm during hiking, winter sports, traveling or in your daily life.

    The advantages of (thermal) underwear:

    • comfortable

    • qualitatively

    • light

    • breathable

    • odor resistant

    Do you want to determine what kind of underwear you need? Then watch this video.

  • Men's outdoor pants for every activity

    Choose the right pants for your favorite outdoor activity based on the properties of the pants. For example, the Barents Pro Winter Jeans from FjällRäven are very suitable for cold and wet winter weather. These pants are water repellent and have a warm mesh lining. If you are looking for trousers for the summer, then choose the Canyon Zip Off . Thanks to the detachable legs, it is suitable for a warm summer day and the cooler spring days.

    We sell men's trousers from the following brands: FjällRäven , Jack Wolfskin , Life-Line , Maier-Sports , Mammut , Odlo , The North Face and Vaude .

  • Men's outdoor jackets, made for the outdoors

    The outdoor men's jackets in our range are made for the outdoors. Of course, not every jacket is equally suitable for every activity. For example, the Keb Eco-Shell from FjällRäven is very suitable for use in combination with heavy luggage, while the Tyfoon Jacket is very suitable for cycling.

    Whether a jacket is suitable for something or not depends entirely on the properties of the jacket. A breathable jacket is ideal for strenuous activities and quick-drying outdoor jackets are great for warm weather conditions. A waterproof jacket is of course very nice during a downpour.

    A jacket for every season

    A number of jackets are also seasonally specific. For example, the Kenny Herenparka 3 from Didriksons is a real winter jacket, while the Escape Pro Jacket II is a nice jacket for the cooler summer days.

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Men's outdoor clothing for every outdoor activity

In our range we offer you various men's outdoor clothing. So there is always something suitable for your favorite outdoor activity, from a walk through the city or forest to extreme hikes over the highest peaks. The men's outdoor clothing has different properties and protects you against different weather conditions. For example, Fjällräven 's clothing is in many cases made from its own outdoor material G1000. This material is wind and waterproof, but still very breathable. Vaude clothing is known for its durable materials and high-quality outdoor sportswear.

The properties of men's outdoor clothing

'Breathable': air circulation ensures that a garment has a breathability. Due to this property, the garments transport sweat away. As a result, you cool down less quickly after exercise. This is especially important during intensive activity.

'Anti-insect': the way in which a garment is insect repellent depends on the garment. Sometimes a piece of clothing is impregnated with insect repellent fabrics, while another piece of clothing is woven so tightly that mosquitoes cannot get through. A brand with different anti-insect clothing is Life-Line .

'Odor resistant': unfortunately, no garment is completely odor resistant. Yet there is clothing that neutralizes odor for some time. These clothes are often impregnated with antibacterial substances, which in particular neutralize perspiration odours.

'Lightweight': lightweight men's outdoor clothing makes your activity a lot more enjoyable. They are made of light materials. That is why this clothing is also very suitable when traveling. For example, when you go hiking and you want to keep your backpack as light as possible.

'Quick-drying': in both sun and rain, quick-drying clothing comes in handy. Wet clothing due to rain or perspiration is not pleasant, which is why quick-drying men's outdoor clothing is an ideal solution. In addition, it is also ideal while hiking, because after washing the clothing dries quickly.

'UV protection': sunscreen is a good protection during your walk in sunny conditions. But even more effective is UV protective clothing. This clothing does not lighten its protective effect.

UV protective clothing is often made of materials such as cotton, nylon or polyester. These materials are naturally UV-resistant and this property is enhanced when tightly woven.