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Walking is nice! And even better are all our hiking articles. Each and every one of these products is incredibly well designed, qualitative and practical. Take a look!

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  • Hiking Shoes

    The walking shoes from our range are all suitable for a comfortable walk. The shoes can be divided into categories and all have specific properties. Every shoe is different and therefore not suitable for every activity, it is important to take this into account when buying walking shoes.

    Features category A
    The shoes in category A are light and all-round hiking and leisure shoes for flat terrain, such as forests and asphalt.

    • Light and flexible walking shoes.
    • Intended for day hikes on good trails.
    • Available in a low and a half-high version.
    • The sole is extremely flexible.

    Features category B
    The shoes in the B category are so-called trekking shoes. The sole of this B-shoe is stiffer than in the previous category. Suitable for mountain hikes with a light pack. They provide sufficient support and protect the ankles.

    • Also known as the trekking or mountain hiking boot.
    • The walking comfort of a sports shoe and the sturdiness of the mountain shoe.
    • The sole is stiffer than the A-shoe.
    • The upper is a bit firmer than with the A-shoe.
    • The high shaft gives support to the ankles.
    • Especially suitable for longer and multi-day hikes with luggage, as long as there is a path.

    Features category C
    Category C includes shoes that are used for trekking through fairly rough terrain, for which the soles of the previous categories no longer meet the requirements. The biggest difference with the previous category is, in addition to the much stiffer sole, also the stiffer upper. Ideal for tours in the mountains at higher altitudes.

    • Intended for trekking through rugged terrain.
    • Significantly more robust than the B-shoe.
    • Suitable for short use with crampons.
    • The sole bends only a little, but is pre-shaped for a good transition.

    Features category D
    Heavy crampon-proof shoes with a stiff sole. Specially made for heavier climbing in high alpine terrain and for ice climbing. We do not sell this type. This is too heavy for normal (mountain) hiking.

    • Heavy mountain boots with a stiff sole.
    • Mainly used by mountaineers.

    Already know what you want, replace your current shoes or get an idea about what's out there? Then look further and make your choice if necessary! In all cases, we cordially invite you to visit us for free advice. You can also always reach us by phone.

  • Working in the garden, going on an adventure in the forest or happily stomping in the puddles? Our hiking boots are ideal! This way, not only your feet, but also part of your legs remain dry. Curious about our outdoor boots? Click through and order!

  • In summer, shoes are often too warm. That's why we sell different walking slippers! Read all information about our outdoor slippers here.

  • The ideal aid during your hiking trips are the walking sticks! The walking sticks give you a nice support. We sell this ideal hiking accessory from the brands Highlander , Leki and Trekmates .

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Hiking is a wonderful activity that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It relaxes and is good for health. The choice of suitable walking shoes depends on the type of walk and where. For a mountain walk or hut tour in the Alps you need completely different shoes than when you occasionally go for a walk in the woods. In winter, warmth and grip on slippery surfaces is important, while with trail running, breathability and freedom of movement are important.

At Antilope Outdoor we have a wide range of different hiking articles. You can also read more about which shoe category best suits your activity. Do you have questions or do you want advice? We are happy to help you make the right choice!