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  • Frans Muller Thermopad Foot Warmer
    $5.37 In Stock

    Frans Muller Thermopad Foot Warmer - white

    The Frans Muller Thermopad Foot Warmers are pads that keep your feet nice and warm. The pads are activated by air so all you have to do is open the package and they will get warm.

    • white
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  • Highlander Snow + Ice Grippers
    $16.16 In Stock

    Highlander Snow + Ice Grippers - Black

    Stand firm on your feet! These Snow Grippers come in handy especially with snow and sleet!

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  • Wintertrax
    $17.89 In Stock

    Winter Trax Women - Black

    Universal snow chain for under the shoes. This women's version is especially suitable for women's shoes with heels.

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  • Yaktrax Walker Pro
    $43.32 In Stock

    Yaktrax Pro - black

    The Yaktrax Pro are 'snow chains' suitable for much more than just a short walk through the snow. Due to the extra strap over the instep, the 'snow chains' stay in place extra well and can also be used for intensive use such as running.

    • black
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  • Yaktrax Walker
    $43.32 In Stock

    Yaktrax Walker

    The Yaltrax Walker is an ideal snow chain that fits around your shoe in no time and is compact to carry.

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