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  • Deuter Security Money Belt I
    € 14,95 In Stock
    Deuter Security Money Belt I

    This ultra-smooth money belt keeps documents, checks, passports, money and your mobile phone safe. It is a nice hip belt that you can wear both over and under your clothes. Due to the flat shape, the bag lies comfortably on your skin. The two zip pockets offer enough space. The hip belt is infinitely adjustable as desired.

    € 14,95
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  • FjallRaven Greenland Wax Bag
    € 25,95 In Stock
    FjällRäven Greenland Wax Bag

    With the environmentally friendly Greenland Wax you can easily impregnate your G-1000 products and clothing yourself for various weather conditions and activities. There is a 100 gram block in this practical FjällRäven Greenland Wax Bag drawstring storage pouch, made of G-1000. On the inside you will find the waxing instructions.

    € 25,95
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  • FjallRaven Helags Cap pet
    € 39,95 In Stock
    FjällRäven Helags Cap

    Protect your face from the sun or light rain with the FjällRäven Helags Cap. This cap has a classic design and is made of G-1000 Original material. It has ventilation openings and is adjustable at the back. There is a small leather FjällRäven logo on the front of the cap.

    € 39,95
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  • FjallRaven Kanken rugzak
    € 79,95 € 94,95 In Stock
    € 15,00 discount
    FjällRäven Kånken Backpack

    This Kånken backpack is one of the most classic and popular products of the FjällRäven brand. This backpack is made of strong Vinylon F fabric, making it suitable for school or work.

    € 79,95 € 94,95
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    • Royal Blue Goose Eye
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  • Highlander Merlin Karabiner Knife
    € 17,95 In Stock
    Highlander Merlin Karabiner Knife

    This 7 cm long folding knife from the Highlander brand has an integrated clip and carabiner attachment. Made of stainless steel.

    € 17,95
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  • Hiking socks in gift packaging
    € 21,95 In Stock
    Hiking socks in gift packaging

    Want to gift a nicely wrapped pair of socks? Which can! Rohner's Fiber Light Super.

    € 21,95
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  • Homeij Verrekijker Fieldpal B1 BAK7 8x21 zwart
    € 19,95 In Stock
    Homeij Binoculars Compact 8x21

    Binoculars, Homeij Optics 'Compact', made of black coated rubber, magnification 8x, blue coated glass lenses: 21mm, including pouch. In box.

    € 19,95
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  • Homeij Monocular 08x21
    € 14,95 In Stock
    Homeij Monocular 08x21

    Whether you go hiking, hunting, visit a competition or you are on the water, going out without Homeij binoculars is almost impossible! If you are an active outdoors person, these binoculars are a must have!

    € 14,95
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  • Luci EMRG Inflatable Solar Light
    € 14,95 In Stock
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  • Munkees Multi Tool Red
    € 14,95 In Stock
    Munkees Multi Tool Red

    This multi-tool has several functions. You can use it as a knife, pliers, nail file, screwdriver, etc. This makes it very practical to take with you, but of course also very nice as a gift for any outdoor person!

    € 14,95
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  • Opinel Colorama No.6 rvs zakmes
    € 12,95 In Stock
    Opinel Colorama No.6 stainless steel...

    The Opinel No. 6 is a beautiful and handy pocket knife, the leather cord makes it easy to hang the pocket knife.

    € 12,95
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  • Opinel Pencil Case Outdoor M
    € 19,50 In Stock
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  • Opinel LeTour No. 8 stainless steel pocket knife - Balls Sweater
    € 18,95 In Stock
    Opinel LeTour No. 8 stainless steel pocket...

    This Limited Edition pocket knife is one for the true Tour enthusiast. The knife is designed in the style of the Tour de France Bolletjes Trui.

    € 18,95
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  • Opinel no. 10 stainless steel pocket knife with corkscrew
    € 27,25 In Stock
    Opinel no. 10 stainless steel pocket knife...

    The Opinel No 10 is an ideal pocket knife for picnics, the blade is strong and sharp and the handle contains a stainless steel corkscrew.

    € 27,25
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  • Opinel Pocket Knife Belt Pouch Alpine
    € 15,60 In Stock
    Opinel Pocket Knife Belt Pouch Alpine

    The Alpine belt pouch is made of artificial leather and equipped with a handy push button. The case is suitable for knives N°07/08/09, but can also be used for other knives.

    € 15,60
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  • Perfect Arm Wallet
    € 12,95 In Stock
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  • Rohner Fibre High Tech
    € 19,95 In Stock
    Rohner Fiber High Tech Socks

    Go on an adventure with the versatile Rohner Fiber High Tech socks. You can wear this suitably in a shoe with a membrane. In addition, a large part of the material used is made of Merino wool, which makes the sock wonderfully warm.

    € 19,95
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  • Sea to Summit Combination TSA Lock Combination Lock
    € 15,95 In Stock
    Sea to Summit Combination TSA Lock -...

    The Combination TSA Lock from Sea to Summit is a lightweight combination lock with a three-digit combination. The lock is ideal for lockable zippers.

    € 15,95
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  • Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - waterdichte zak
    € 9,95 In Stock
    Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

    The lightweight Dry Sack is a durable, compact, super strong and wear-resistant water bag.

    € 9,95
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  • Sea to Summit Neck Wallet 5
    € 17,95 In Stock
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  • Silva Ex Step stappenteller
    € 23,50 In Stock
    Silva Ex Step pedometer

    The Ex Step Pedometer is a very simple pedometer but of high quality. It measures your steps at the number of steps of six and starts at six. The pedometer is easy to attach to your pants.

    € 23,50
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  • Silva Metro compass green
    € 16,95 In Stock
    Silva Metro Compass green

    The cool and ultra-compact design of Silva metro, combines mobility with ease-of-use for quick orientation in the rapidly changing urban environment.

    € 16,95
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  • The North Face Horizon pet
    € 24,95 In Stock
    The North Face Horizon cap

    The The North Face Horizon cap is the ideal cap to wear while hiking and in everyday life.

    € 24,95
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  • Trekmates Boot Bag Black one size
    € 13,50 In Stock
    Trekmates Boot Bag Black one size

    This durable and water-resistant Boot Bag from Trekmates is ideal for storing hiking boots during transport.

    € 13,50
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  • Trekmates Phone Pouch waterproof
    € 12,95 In Stock
    Trekmates Phone Pouch waterproof

    Weatherproof phone case to keep electronic devices safe and dry.

    € 12,95
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  • 8. Victorinox Nail Clippers
    € 12,50 In Stock
    Victorinox Nail Clippers

    Nail clippers, Victororinox, stainless steel, in case

    € 12,50
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  • Victorinox SwissCard, 10f, rood
    € 31,95 In Stock
    Victorinox SwissCard 10f red

    SwissCard, Victorinox, 10 functions, transparent red.

    € 31,95
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