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May we help you personally?

You can't miss that, Jelle is happy to help you (just like the rest of our enthusiastic club!) in looking for the best equipment. If you can't find it online, there's a good chance you'll get Jelle on the line. He knows (almost) everything about the best equipment needed and useful during your trip in nature.

Challenge him or the rest of the team, email, call, app or come by!

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Outdoor cushions

On this page you can find the best pillows that are ideal for camping or backpacking. As a result, you will sleep even better and your holiday will be even more restful. We offer them from different brands: Trekmates , Sea to Summit and Vaude .

The pillows do differ from each other in some respects. So they each have their specifications. For example , a pillow from Trekmates, the Self Inflating Pillow , is self-inflating. The Trekmates Deluxe 2 in 1 Pillow has both a neck pillow and a rectangular pillow. But all cushions in our range offer you a high level of comfort and are easy to take with you because they can be packed in a small way.

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8 products
  • FjallRaven Travel Pillow
    $23.43 In Stock

    FjallRaven Travel Pillow - Red

    This synthetic filled cushion provides more comfort when traveling. It is compact to carry in the supplied bag.

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  • Highlander Sleepeeze Headrest hoofdkussen
    $4.03 In Stock

    Highlander Sleepeeze Headrest pillow

    This inflatable pillow is very easy to carry and convenient to use.

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  • Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium Traveler Pillow
    $35.68 In Stock

    Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Traveler...

    The Aeros pillow from Sea to Summit is an ideal and super comfortable travel pillow. It takes up minimal space and is very lightweight.

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  • Trekmates Deluxe 2 in 1 Pillow
    $20.37 In Stock

    Trekmates Deluxe 2 in 1 Pillow - Blue

    This pillow from Trekmates is easy to take with you on a trip. In the plane or car, the pillow serves as a neck pillow. When you arrive at your destination, you have a lovely pillow to sleep on.

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  • Trekmates Deluxe Pillow
    $15.26 In Stock

    Trekmates Deluxe Pillow - Blue

    This Deluxe pillow from Trekmates is very suitable for use at the campsite. The small pack size makes the pillow easy to carry.

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  • Trekmates Inflatable Deluxe Pillow
    $13.22 In Stock

    Trekmates Inflatable Deluxe Pillow

    This Trekmates pillow is very light and very suitable to take with you on a trip. The pillow has a high capacity for extra comfort.

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  • Trekmates Self Inflating Pillow
    $16.28 In Stock

    Trekmates Self Inflating Pillow - Green

    This self-inflating pillow from Trekmates provides insulation and comfort. It is made of high density foam, covered with a durable fabric, it offers excellent comfort and support. The pillow is easy to store in the bag. Just release the valve and the air will fill the cushion, close the valve to trap the air in it.

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  • Vaude Pump Pillow berry kussen
    $56.10 In Stock

    Vaude Pump Pillow - berry - Berry

    The Pump Pillow from Vaude is not only very practical, but also very comfortable and compact.

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