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Ezeefit Anklebooties ultrathin

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No more blisters? That is possible with the Ezeefit ankle socks! It is a simple and ultra-thin (1mm) heel sock that consists of two layers. The two extremely thin layers can move independently over each other, so there is no abrasion or friction. The first layer is tight to the skin and cannot move. The second layer over it can move a little bit, separate from the skin and the inner sock.

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Ezeefit is specially designed to prevent blisters. Because the two layers move independently over each other, there is a little slack between the skin and the second layer. This way you prevent friction (and therefore blisters) of the shoe on the skin. You can wear the ankle socks barefoot or on the inside of socks. They offer optimal quality both wet and dry. Finally, the Ezeefit socks are washable.

The Anklebooties are ideal to wear while rollerblading, skating, walking and running. The Anklebooties prevent friction and pressure points, making it wonderful to wear during sports.

Advantages Ezeefit:

  • Ultimate solution to prevent blisters
  • Feels like a second skin
  • Prevents friction and chafing
  • Can be used both wet and dry
  • Washable and reusable
  • Can be worn barefoot or under socks
  • Sold in pairs
  • The "Comfort Curve" follows the shape of your heel for optimal comfort and fit

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What is Ezeefit made of?

These thin ankle socks of only 1mm thick are made of stretch neoprene with a soft microfiber lining. The soft ankle socks offer a light padding and follow the shapes and movements of your foot. This makes Ezeefit feel like a second skin and you will experience optimal wearing comfort for years to come.

Where does Ezeefit come from?

Ezeefit was previously only known in skating, but has been developed for people who walk a lot. In America it has been used by the military for years.

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SeasonThroughout the year
Color (basic)Black
fitRegular fit
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Pedag Ultra Whole

Ezeefit 3mm Ankle Bootie

Ezeefit 3mm Ankle Bootie

Ezeefit Full-Foot Skins boots

Ezeefit Full-Foot Skins boots

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Color (basic)WhiteBlackGray
fitRegular fit
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